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The Total Eyecare Team

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The physicians at Louisiana Eye & Laser provide eye care services for the whole family. Because we are a specialty practice, we see a variety of eye problems, eye surgeries and eye-related emergencies.

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Aesthetic Center Personalized Cosmetic Consultations

At Louisiana Eye and Laser, we offer a variety of cosmetic services and procedures.

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Eye Center Total Eyecare Team

The physicians at Louisiana Eye & Laser provide eye care services for the whole family.

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Optical Center Your better vision is waiting

We serve our customers by providing quality eyewear and related products and services.

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Louisiana Eye and Laser is a state-of-the-art ophthalmology specialty clinic featuring a total eye care team of doctors and staff.

We specialize in the treatment of eye diseases and surgery of the eye. In addition to performing comprehensive diagnostic testing and specialized surgical procedures, we provide routine eye exams, contact lens fittings and cosmetic surgery, as well as various skin rejuvenation procedures.

Our staff of professionals is dedicated to serving the needs of each patient. Our goal is for every patient to receive excellent service and quality health care.

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Yassar Nakhlawi, M.D.

As a physician, my vision is a major asset. All the staff was great and definitely dedicated to customer service. My surgery was quick and easy. I had my LASIK surgery done 7 years ago; I had an excellent experince from the time I walked into the office.  (more…)

Yassar Nakhlawi, M.D.Yassar Nakhlawi, M.D.

Benjamin Close, M.D.

Like many people needing glasses or contacts for "far-sightedness", I contemplated vision correction surgery for a period of time and just kept "putting it off"(too much to do, not enough time, can't miss work to recover...typical stuff). The last straw happened after an LSU loss to Alabama, when I lost a contact lens, forgot spare glasses and drove home "one-eyed at 1:00AM.  (more…)

Benjamin Close, M.D.

Jonathan Hunter, M.D.

Since I began wearing glasses as a teenager, I wished for a better situation. Contact lenses were too much hassle and glasses just got scratched, broken, and lost. Finally, when I knew I would be deploying for Iraq, I decided to go through with LASIK and not be bothered with glasses in a combat zone.  (more…)

Jonathan Hunter, M.D.Jonathan Hunter, M.D.