Benjamin Close, M.D.

Like many people needing glasses or contacts for “far-sightedness”, I contemplated vision correction surgery for a period of time and just kept “putting it off”(too much to do, not enough time, can’t miss work to recover…typical stuff). The last straw happened after an LSU loss to Alabama, when I lost a contact lens, forgot spare glasses and drove home “one-eyed at 1:00AM.  I called Dr. Redmond the next day and arranged LASIK surgery. I had a great result and enjoy not having to deal with contacts or glasses. I only missed one day of work. As an allergy specialist, I know that 70% of my patients with nasal allergies also have eye allergies. Many of these patients are either limited in their contact lens use or cannot wear them at all because of their symptoms. I frequently discuss LASIK with them as an alternative. My patients who have chosen this have been very pleased.